Technology Management

Technology Management

With the help of our Technology management module, organizations can effectively manage their technological fundamentals to generate a competitive advantage.

Identify technology fields

  • 1
    Determine fields of technology and derive technologies.
  • 2
    Evaluation and assessment of technologies with internal and external experts.
  • 3
    Analyse stakeholder
    Conduct market analysis and identify stake holders and start-ups and assign them to technologies.
  • 4
    Design technology roadmap
    Design a technology roadmap and link it to resources and markets.
  • 5
    Observe and analyse technological developments and stakeholders/start-ups.
  • 6
    Update and adapt the technology roadmap.

What is Technology management?

The world is more unpredictable and complex than ever before, with enormous changes in social, technological, economic, ecological and political areas. Technologies have been one of the focus points in recent years, as they have a massive impact on the everyday life and strategic orientation of companies.​

Development cycles of new technologies are becoming shorter and shorter. To be able to identify and assess future technologies and their effects at an early stage, more than purely technical expertise is required. Rather, socio-cultural factors, market characteristics, political systems and the resonance of users and media must be identified and taken into account.

Foresight Strategy Cockpit Technology management module

The Foresight Strategy Cockpit (FSC) combines the entire technology management process in a web-based software. It enables users to integrate and share their expertise, evaluate developments and create patterns by linking insights. Furthermore, the FSC has an indicator and patent database and access to monitoring for real-time monitoring of technological developments.


The core of any technology management process is the interaction between experts and data. However, the term expert is often defined too narrowly. In the sense of holistic technology management, each unit of a company has valuable insights that need to be shared, and above all, data that supports them. Instead of working in data silos, data and expertise must be exchanged and systematically combined. Accordingly, we have developed a software- and data-driven concept in which the Foresight Strategy Cockpit is at the centre.


With the FSC, the effort to analyse technological developments is reduced to a minimum. Through a holistic combination of qualitative information, external expert knowledge and data-based findings, each unit of an organisation can jointly contribute to the evaluation of relevant technology trends and their developments. At the push of a button, all findings can be exported as finished reports (as .docx or .pdf).

Data-driven scouting & monitoring

Data-driven scouting & monitoring

In addition to human expertise, data is the foundation for tracking technological developments. For this purpose, the FSC offers access to indicators, patents and monitoring, to be able to observe the development of technologies in real-time at an early stage. All the information obtained can be interlinked and harmonised.

Further features

  • Develop technology strategies that underpin your organization.
  • Forecast technological trends to stay one step ahead of the competition.
  • Map technologies to business and market needs by using our road mapping feature.
  • Combine all these methods to develop a customized technology portfolio.

Our values in short

  • Collaborative analysis of technological developments
  • Access to indicators and patent database
  • Browser Add-on and App for faster integration of relevant pieces of information
  • Real-time technology monitoring
  • Automated report functions for fast communication
  • Comprehensive support and training by our Foresight experts
FSC Modules

FSC Modules

Through strategic foresight methods such as Trend Management and Scenario Construction, we can reduce the complexity and uncertainty of a rapidly changing globalized world.

Fact Sheet

  • All-in-one Foresight platform for unlimited users
  • Modular and web-based system
  • Combines qualitative and quantitative data
  • Various data visualizations
  • Real-time data and expert integration
  • Online team collaboration
  • State-of-the-art technology and security standards
  • Supports teams of futurists and scouts for future knowledge aggregation

Overview of all Methods

You can download a complete list of our methods here.
  • Reduce the amount of coordination and programs needed to manage trends and signals to a single software solution. Through a holistic aggregation of internal information, external expert knowledge and data-driven insights, every unit can collectively contribute to the assessment of relevant trends and their developments.
  • Collaboratively discuss and rate ideas and other insights. New ideas can be easily created, edited and updated and if necessary, external knowledge can be included through survey methods.
  • Monitor the stability and development of risks in VUCA environments and detect triggers and preventers for future crises.
  • Establish and maintain a sustainable and efficient scenario management by including, linking and analysing all your organizational knowledge resources.
  • Develop agile and future robust strategies and test them in different scenarios in order to be able to react quickly and appropriately to environmental changes.
  • Rate, discuss and explore feedback in real-time: Our web-based Real-Time Delphi (RTD) is an established method from Future Studies which combines quantitative and qualitative expert data to gain new insights.
  • Assign your technological know-how to business and market requirements, develop technology strategies and create tailor-made technology portfolios.


The development of new technologies, the improvement of existing technologies, and the adoption of new technology strategies will continue to gain importance in the future as companies strive for market success. Our Foresight Strategy Cockpit makes it all the easier for users to use technology management to realise their full potential. 

Technology management can be used as a preliminary stage as well as an accompanying process to the practice of innovation management, for both areas deal with the opportunities and innovations that have the potential to advance a company and its products or services.

Technology management as a factor at all levels?

The optimisation of existing processes, products and procedures in the company is also crucial when it comes to realising the full potential of future-oriented processes, structures, and strategies. Technology is the key to market success today and in the future. Without the ability to innovate at this level, the advancement of the company's own products and services cannot or only be inadequately achieved. After all, every company relies on market success, which can only be realised with the help of a suitable technology management, especially in a world where business parameters are changing at an ever-faster pace.

Systematic technology management

Technology management takes place in several stages within the Foresight Strategy Cockpit. First, areas of technology are defined and analysed. With that, early technology identification can be facilitated.

Using experts and their knowledge, technologies are subsequently evaluated. The next step is an analysis of the market to identify possible applications for a new technology.

In the following planning process, a technology roadmap is developed. The Foresight Strategy Cockpit facilitates the monitoring, analysis, and control of technology developments and therefore of the entire technology management.

Updates and adjustments to the technology strategy also take place in the FSC. Before a technology can be used in practice in a targeted way, it is important to involve as many stakeholders as possible in the development process. 

Best-practice technology management can help to ensure that employees, customers and other stakeholders are actively involved and can make use of their skills in the best possible way. In the FSC, this process is made easy, and the information obtained is also conveyed and presented in an appealing way - and can therefore be used on an ongoing basis.

Integration of all relevant data and sources

The accumulated expert knowledge is combined with data on indicators and patents in the Foresight Strategy Cockpit, allowing requirements in the development of technologies to be recognised early and corresponding solutions to be found in the area of technology management. Each solution identified in this way is crucial for the implementation of the correct technology, for the continued development of the products and finally for the overall performance of the company to achieve lasting market success.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

What is technology management software?

Technology management software such as the Foresight Strategy Cockpit (FSC) is a web-based tool that supports the entire technology management process. It allows companies to efficiently track, analyze, and respond to technological developments. The FSC integrates qualitative and quantitative data, enables the integration of expert knowledge, and provides real-time monitoring to constantly keep an eye on technological developments. With our technology management software, you have a tool at your disposal to make informed strategic decisions.

The FSC consolidates the entire technology management process into one software. It facilitates the identification and evaluation of technology fields, stakeholder analysis, the design of technology roadmaps, and the continuous monitoring of technology developments. With the FSC, users can integrate their domain expertise, evaluate developments, and link insights together.

The FSC emphasizes collaboration. It reduces the effort required to analyze technological developments and enables a comprehensive assessment of relevant technology trends through the integration of data and expert knowledge. Teams can work together on insights, share them, and export them in visually appealing reports.

Technologies and therefore technology management are not only an important position when it comes to developing products, but they are also extremely important when it comes to the success of a company at all levels - in the short, medium and long term. Among other things, technology management is about discovering trends and new technologies before other competitors, developing them and ultimately applying them at a profit. A good technology strategy is therefore absolutely necessary to be able to compete for the best innovations.

Solving existing problems in technology development is also faster and less complicated with a tool like the Foresight Strategy Cockpit. This increases the ability to innovate, allows risks to be recognised more quickly and goals and strategies - and ultimately the company's products and services - to be adapted accordingly. The implementation of new solutions also runs more smoothly with the help of good technology management. Optimally implemented technology management sets the framework conditions for recognising opportunities for digitisation and implementing these technologies in the company in the best possible way by means of improved and simplified processes.

Technology management should always be seen as an interface between management and new technologies. A company that does not move with the times, does not use new production technologies, or completely shuts itself off from digitalisation has a hard time keeping up with the competition in our fast-paced modern society. Stagnation in these areas often prevents the unlocking of new technology potentials. It doesn't matter whether this involves the aforementioned innovations in production technologies and new products, the ongoing development and research of product technologies, or the introduction of new technologies in the area of manufacturing. The use of good technology management and the associated technology development is well worth the money for a company.

An investment in the development of new technologies can not only bring an enormous financial advantage for a company, but also builds a great capacity for innovation - in today's world, this is an instrument for every company to not only achieve market success temporarily, but above all to secure it in the medium and long term.

A technology management tool such as the Foresight Strategy Cockpit helps you to bring strategy and structure to your technology management. By simplifying processes, structures and the dynamic exchange and assessment of data, opportunities and risks of technologies in the pipeline can be effectively evaluated. Good technology management also ensures earlier identification of technologies. This means opportunities, solutions and potentials can be recognised more quickly. Therefore, strategies for new products or even the implementation of entire business models can be deployed more quickly, providing a major competitive advantage.

This overview is important to ensure that all those involved in the technology management processes have a realistic overview of which topics or processes are currently relevant. Beyond this, the manner in which a new technology could be used, at what time and at what cost, and what advantages this would have are crucial to understand. This allows for targeted measures to be ordered by the management. Finished reports can be exported directly from the Foresight Strategy Cockpit and improve the understanding of all departments involved. The market success of products, the development of a new technology strategy or even possible risks - all these can be visualised in an appealing and simple way for the company management through the ready-made reports from the FSC.

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