About our Company

4strat was founded in 2016 in Berlin. We are a coreteam of 10 employees and have access to over 350 software engineers. Together with our Shareholder RISE and our Thinktank EUSG, we work for and with international clients.
About our Company

What we do

We provide use-case oriented tools and methods for agile strategizing based on future relevant data and realtime insights through collaborating flexible and transparent in teams with state-of-the-art software technology.


To guarantee you high standards of quality management and service quality, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our Values

Our values express the attitude with which we carry out our daily work.
Our Values

Our thinktank EUSG

The EUSG is a school of governance in the broadest sense of governing the Anthropocene. The various Fellows of the EUSG come from the fields of science, research, consulting, medicine, art and business and explore the relevant issues of our time in an interdisciplinary and future-oriented manner. Naturally, this includes looking at politics and business, at organisation and change, at dealing with management, leadership and entrepreneurship.

european school of governance (EUSG)
However, it spreads out far broader to all walks of life, experiences and insights, and it reaches far deeper into the epistemological foundations and of our society. Our focus centers on exploring, researching, and designing the conditions for the possibility to change and govern a thriving world.
4strat Services
What we offer
In today’s world, it is hard to keep track of ubiquitous data and deal with information overflow. Only the diverse opinions and insights of experts can provide a decisive advantage. Therefore, 4strat follows a data-driven and expert-focused foresight approach.
4strat Support
The holistic all-in-one solution to manage foresight processes from trends to scenarios all the way to finalized strategies.
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Fact Sheet

  • All-in-one Foresight platform for unlimited users
  • Modular and web-based system
  • Combines qualitative and quantitative data
  • Various data visualizations
  • Real-time data and expert integration
  • Online team collaboration
  • State-of-the-art technology and security standards
  • Supports teams of futurists and scouts for future knowledge aggregation
We train and empower organizations in their own Foresight skills and give you a set of tools and methods which enable you to develop a new mindset.
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as a service
Our complete foresight process management for limited personnel and resources.
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Data Analysis
& trends
Get access to our trend database and insights – constantly updated and extended.
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If you are interested in one of the following positions, please send us an E-Mail to: job@4strat.de
  • Consult in the area of foresight, innovation, strategy and/or leadership
  • Support of our Senior Consultants with their project work and workshop preparations
  • Support our consultants with their daily project work
  • Prepare office documents such as presentations and excel spreadsheets
  • Scan the internet for new trends and support our team in the creation phase of trend reports
  • Scan the online environment for future trends and topics
  • Maintain the data input for our foresight tool
  • Blog to pre-defined future topics
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Selection of References
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