About 4strat

4strat helps organisations to approach the future differently and with confidence in order to shape change and disruption in a sustainable way. With an interdisciplinary team consisting of futurists, designers and developers, we offer expert- and data-driven tools and services for strategic foresight.
About 4strat

What distinguishes us

4strat was founded in Berlin in 2016 and specializes in foresight, innovation and technology management, and risk impact assessment. Our core is the Foresight Strategy Cockpit, a holistic all-in-one solution for managing foresight processes based on real-time data and transparent collaboration across different teams. Our customers includes international from the private sector as well as organizations from the public sector.

Trends Community
TÜV ISO 9001:2015
we are ISO 9001:2015 certified
years of experience in Foresight & Innovation
Clients in the private and public sector
Methods in our leading foresight strategy cockpit

Our approach to foresight

We understand foresight as a symbiosis of data-driven approaches and the opening of new ways of thinking. We question the status quo and find ways to act differently. To this end, we develop customised processes alongside our clients in order to help shape a desirable future. For us this goal is a key purpose.

Data & Experts
Analysis & new insights
Data-based analysis to detect and monitor changes around you.
Training & Awareness
Consulting and equipping you with foresight skills to strengthen your future awareness.

Our Values

honest and trustworthy
Data security is our top priority. We use high security standards for our FSC platform and work with sensitive data in a trustworthy manner. We maintain a transparent and honest relationship with our customers, in which we talk openly about potential opportunities and speak up when a collaboration may not be a good fit.
Empowering and motivating
Finding pathways to a desirable future is our passion. We offer our clients training and consulting to grow together and overcome challenges. As a self-reflective unit, our team is constantly developing and learning to emerge stronger from mistakes.
Collaborative and critical
Complex challenges can only be solved together. That's why we create a collaborative working environment with our tool and encourage the exchange of ideas. We are in touch with our customers on an ongoing basis, question existing processes and work together to create new structures.
Forward-looking and sustainable
We seek to provide orientation for the important future issues of our time and work with our customers to find joint solutions. In our everyday work, we strive for digital, sustainable, and resource-saving operations and, whenever possible, use environmentally friendly means of transport.

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We are always looking for new talents. Check out our job openings and send your CV and cover letter to: job@4strat.de. We look forward to hearing from you!



Thomas Kolonko
Thomas Kolonko
Founder & CEO
Jens konrad
Jens konrad
Futurist & Senior Consultant

Strong network and partnerships

4strat has a large network of partner organizations that can provide additional expertise and services with a wide range of international experts.

With our shareholder RISE and our think tank at the European School of Governance (EUSG), we also offer a wide range of expertise in software development and foresight coaching.

Are you interested in working with us? Please get in touch at: info@4strat.de

4strat Services

What we offer

4strat Support
The holistic all-in-one solution to manage foresight processes from trends to scenarios all the way to finalized strategies.
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Fact Sheet

  • All-in-one Foresight platform for unlimited users
  • Modular and web-based system
  • Combines qualitative and quantitative data
  • Various data visualizations
  • Real-time data and expert integration
  • Online team collaboration
  • State-of-the-art technology and security standards
  • Supports teams of futurists and scouts for future knowledge aggregation
We train and empower organizations in their own Foresight skills with a set of tools and methods.
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as a service
Our complete foresight process management for limited personnel and resources.
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& trends
Get access to our trend database and insights – constantly updated and extended.
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