How we see Strategic Foresight

We believe that foresight will make the world a better place, that it is our duty to question the status quo and that thinking differently is something inspiring and enables innovation…

How we can support your business

To implement the holistic approach of our 4strat philosophy, we offer a broad range of services including consulting, providing a web-based and interactive tool and targeted data content…

How future-proof is your business

To uncover the topics that are relevant to your business in the future, it is important to look outside your normal industry environment. This will ensure to understand where to position your business in the future…

Our 4strat Philosophy


Lead your employees into the future

Many companies have great managers, however, are they also great leaders of the future? To be successful in the future, it is important to discard old mental models to make space for trust and collaboration.


Make your business future proof

Many foresight projects analyze trends and create scenarios, but it is especially important to use those created pictures of the future and the identified trends to develop new agile strategies.

4strat philosophy


Reduce complexity and uncertainty

Foresight is more than just trend management or scenario planning. Through foresight you can establish a new way of thinking within your company while questioning the status quo and challenge existing mental models.


Develop the ideas of tomorrow, today

For us, innovation is more than just a trigger for new products, business models or service ideas. Innovation means thinking about the ideas of tomorrow today and to initiate the first steps to implement these ideas within your company.

4strat foresight - über uns

Who We Are

The 4strat GmbH was founded in May 2016 as a joint-venture. Our company has long-standing international experience in software development as well as in consulting. Through this close collaboration, the 4strat GmbH has access to over 350 employees from diverse backgrounds.
The joint venture consists of:
  • Repuco GmbH is headquartered in Vienna and supports customers in the area of business consulting with a focus on foresight and strategy.
  • RISE GmbH is our software partner and supports us especially in the programming of our foresight cockpit tool.

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Our Senior Consultants

Thomas Kolonko

Senior Consultant and Managing Director

Thomas is a Senior Consultant and the Managing Director of 4strat GmbH. He studied Business and Computer Science at the Universität der Bundeswehr in Munich, Germany and is a certified coach and mediator from the European University.


Our Senior Consultants are members of Netzwerk  Zukunftsforschung and the Association of Professional Futurists.


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