Foresight Strategy Cockpit

The holistic all-in-one solution to manage foresight processes from trends to scenarios all the way to finalized strategies.

Holistic Foresight

The Foresight Strategy Cockpit is a web-based tool that allows companies and organisations to intelligently manage a holistic foresight process ranging from trends, risks and scenarios up to finalised strategies. Situational landscapes can be created based on real-time data and monitored easily.

Central aggregation of knowledge

Instead of working in silos, data and insights are structured and aggregated centrally by the FSC. Insights can be enriched with external knowhow, through survey-methods and quality content from our NEXUS database or by connecting APIs.

Wide range of Foresight Methods

The FSC empowers users to employ over 40 established methods and frameworks from futures studies to develop a systematic and professional approach to tackle your future.

Trend Communities Case Study

Trend Communities

Starting point

As Foresight is slowly becoming an integral part of companies’ DNA, processes are shifting from a singular foresight unit to an open foresight culture. New challenges emerge as crowdsourced (bottom-up) approaches require new engagement points and digital infrastructure for seamless sharing of real-time information and active participation of employees company-wide.

Result and Value

Establishing foresight communities to get future relevant information faster across units and develop future skills necessary to set insights into action.

Our approach

4strat has been supporting companies in setting up a foresight knowledge management system together with crowd-based scouting of trends. For this purpose, the Foresight Strategy Cockpit, together with the FSC Add-On, is implemented and embedded into the internal company network structure.

The implementation will be accompanied by regular training sessions, which will take place both physically and via a digital learning platform. In addition, a trend community with internal employees is being established and strategically supported. This is based on the definition of various users and a data-driven methodology that includes the creation of detailed workflows, training and learning plans for employees’ competence development.

The results enable strategic management to make more robust decisions in the future. Common visualisations, such as the trend radar are also developed and visualised for this purpose. ​

Interested in building Trend Communities with us?

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What our clients say

FSC Modules

FSC Modules

Through strategic foresight methods such as Trend Management and Scenario Construction, we can reduce the complexity and uncertainty of a rapidly changing globalized world.

Fact Sheet

  • All-in-one Foresight platform for unlimited users
  • Modular and web-based system
  • Combines qualitative and quantitative data
  • Various data visualizations
  • Real-time data and expert integration
  • Online team collaboration
  • State-of-the-art technology and security standards
  • Supports teams of futurists and scouts for future knowledge aggregation

Overview of all Methods

You can download a complete list of our methods here.
  • Reduce the amount of coordination and programs needed to manage trends and signals to a single software solution. Through a holistic aggregation of internal information, external expert knowledge and data-driven insights, every unit can collectively contribute to the assessment of relevant trends and their developments.
  • Collaboratively discuss and rate ideas and other insights. New ideas can be easily created, edited and updated and if necessary, external knowledge can be included through survey methods.
  • Monitor the stability and development of risks in VUCA environments and detect triggers and preventers for future crises.
  • Establish and maintain a sustainable and efficient scenario management by including, linking and analysing all your organizational knowledge resources.
  • Develop agile and future robust strategies and test them in different scenarios in order to be able to react quickly and appropriately to environmental changes.
  • Rate, discuss and explore feedback in real-time: Our web-based Real-Time Delphi (RTD) is an established method from Future Studies which combines quantitative and qualitative expert data to gain new insights.
  • Assign your technological know-how to business and market requirements, develop technology strategies and create tailor-made technology portfolios.


Together with our clients we develop individual strategy processes for your business and establish foresight within your organization.
Over 40 different implemented methods
Powerful extensions (App & Browser)
Yearly licensing model
Cloud or in-house solutions available
Add modules as needed to extend your individual strategic foresight process
Flexible pricing


The FSC experience is extended by Apps and Add-Ons. Share relevant insights with your mobile or simply integrate new content to the FSC.


The Add-On for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome allows an efficient scanning of news articles and blog posts through Environmental Scanning. Metadata of webpages, URLs and titles are automatically captured by the Add-On. Scouted information can be directly linked to trends, risk or ideas.

Scouting app

The Scouting App for Android and iOS enables users to scan and add information when they are on the move. You can also review information, trends, risks and other data aggregated by the system to browse while being away for your computer.

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