Strategic Foresight as a Service

Our complete foresight process management for limited personnel and resources.

Data is the backbone of every Trend Management process

Strategic Foresight is most efficient when it is maintained over a long period of time. For limited personnel and human resources, we offer a complete Foresight process management service. We enrich your team through our experts & data intelligence.

This includes

  • Continuous scanning of information & scouting for Trends, topics and Indicators
  • Strategy development
  • Monthly trend reports
  • Scenario building
  • Monitoring and updating of topics
  • General support for foresight related questions

Stories from 2050 Case Study

Stories from 2050

Starting point

Scenarios are becoming more relevant to strategic planning to explore a variety of future pathways and connect them with existing insights and weak signals. However, the process is often biased by current assumptions, attitudes, and knowledge gaps, which can lead to unwanted lock-in effects and narrow-minded views of possible future developments. New creative and interdisciplinary methods such as story writing or reflective future thinking are used to continuously question existing beliefs and explore new ways beyond linear thinking. ​

Result and Value

Methods such as story writing strengthen reflective skills and enable the identification of strategic weaknesses early.


Our approach

Phase 1: Define Future-Rooms
  • Challenge existing assumptions, outcomes, and scenarios focused on a topic, among others, that could provide a new foundation for future communication and participative activities.
  • Conduct horizon scanning beyond existing resources to identify wildcards and breakthrough factors and events.
  • Using social media analysis for data mining.
Phase 2: Define Storylines
  • Using input from the initial research to generate the scope for each Futures Room.
  • Involving expert and non-expert communities (such as science fiction writers, youth and sustainability networks) in researching various future projections/signposts and storylines.
  • Involving professional writers to complete the stories.
Phase 3: Write stories and create futures map
  • Creating multiple stories that encourage reflection on the topic.
  • Create an interactive (online) Futures Map that includes all workshop outcomes leading to the final stories, as well as the corresponding pathways leading to each story.
  • Making the Futures Map and stories available to the public.

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