Scenario Management

Scenario Management

A scenario is a hypothetical way the future could develop and should be investigated and analysed. It is made up of a combination of projections belonging to two or more factors and described in detail.

Our scenario management process

  • 1
    Scouting for weak signals
    Search and identify weak signals, trends or other information.
  • 2
    Derive factors
    Use various methods to guide the first possible factors.
  • 3
    Environmental scanning
    Check and add your factors with the environment scanning methods.
  • 4
    Determine key factors
    Identify factors with the strongest impact and most uncertain development process.
  • 5
    Create scenarios
    Create scenarios through the combination of factors and projections.
  • 6
    Analyse scenarios
    Use various methods such as backcasting to analyse scenarios and derive your results.
  • 7
    Communicate results
    Export, share and publish your results with the click of a button.

What is Scenario Management?

In the scientific field of Futures Studies, one single future does not exist. Instead, it is assumed that there are several futures from which one will occur someday. By developing scenarios (“drafts” or “images” of the future), you mentally prepare for possible future events and minimize the risk of getting caught off guard.​ Our Scenario Management module not only allows users to create scenarios, it enables you to establish and maintain a whole scenario building process in your organization. Therefore, organizational resources of knowledge and insights can be easily integrated, connected and collaboratively analyzed.

The Foresight Strategy Cockpit Scenario management module

Our Scenario Module supports three established scenario-creating techniques. The module is completed by additional methods, such as Environmental Scanning, Mind Mapping and a fully automated report method to publish and export results.
Actively engange with possible futures
Actively engange with possible futures
A scenario is a hypothetical way the future could develop and should be investigated and analyzed. It is made of a combination of projections belonging to two or more factors and described in detail.

The Scenario Management module offers three different methods of scenario construction. The Alternative and Explorative Scenario Construction as well as the Consistency Analysis. The latter is indispensable if a large number of factors and project pairs are to be analysed. In the Consistency Analysis, the consistency of projection pairs is evaluated and the system then calculates consistent raw and mixed scenarios.

Flexible scenario creation with no limits

In the Explorative Scenario Construction, users can create, edit and update factors with a few clicks. Within a factor, an unlimited amount of projections can be created. From these factor-projection-combinations detailed and differentiated scenarios can be designed.
Flexible scenario creation with no limits
Quick and simple: the four-axis scenario model

Quick and simple: the four-axis scenario model

In the Alternative Scenario Construction two factors, each with two extreme projections (i.e. best and worst possible course) are set against each other in a matrix with four quadrants. Each factor-projection combination is described and thus, four scenarios are generated. ​The creation of a wild card as a fifth scenario is also possible.

Reliable scenarios through collaboration

The Consistency Analysis is a powerful tool for generating consistent and therefore, conclusive scenarios. The rating of consistencies can be done collaboratively - by all relevant members of your organization. The calculated scenarios are visualized either as clusters or in a two or three dimensional room.
Reliable scenarios through collaboration

Further features

  • Import pre-existing factors from other projects
  • Consistency Analysis
  • Link scenarios with trends, ideas, and risks
  • Manage, describe and edit scenarios
  • Visualize scenario clusters

Our values in short

  • Cooperative Scenario Management
  • Recognize opportunities and risks to adapt your strategy​
  • Browser Add-on and App for faster integration of relevant pieces of information
  • Automated Reporting functions for fast communication
  • Fully supported and trained by our Foresight experts
FSC Modules
Through strategic foresight methods such as Trend Management and Scenario Construction, we can reduce the complexity and uncertainty of a rapidly changing globalized world.

Fact Sheet

  • All-in-one Foresight platform for unlimited users
  • Modular and web-based system
  • Combines qualitative and quantitative data
  • Various data visualizations
  • Real-time data and expert integration
  • Online team collaboration
  • State-of-the-art technology and security standards
  • Supports teams of futurists and scouts for future knowledge aggregation

Overview of all Methods

You can download a complete list of our methods here.
  • Reduce the amount of coordination and programs needed to manage trends and signals to a single software solution. Through a holistic aggregation of internal information, external expert knowledge and data-driven insights, every unit can collectively contribute to the assessment of relevant trends and their developments.
  • Collaboratively discuss and rate ideas and other insights. New ideas can be easily created, edited and updated and if necessary, external knowledge can be included through survey methods.
  • Monitor the stability and development of risks in VUCA environments and detect triggers and preventers for future crises.
  • Establish and maintain a sustainable and efficient scenario management by including, linking and analysing all your organizational knowledge resources.
  • Develop agile and future robust strategies and test them in different scenarios in order to be able to react quickly and appropriately to environmental changes.
  • Rate, discuss and explore feedback in real-time: Our web-based Real-Time Delphi (RTD) is an established method from Future Studies which combines quantitative and qualitative expert data to gain new insights.
  • Assign your technological know-how to business and market requirements, develop technology strategies and create tailor-made technology portfolios.
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