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Foresight will make the world a better place, hence it is our duty to question the status quo and thinking differently is something inspiring and enables innovation. Strategies need to be long-term and sustainable to make companies more relevant in the future. Managers need to become leaders of the future.

We see foresight as a holistic approach that combines foresight, strategy, innovation and leadership. This integrated approach creates additional value for your company and ensures that you can shape the future pro-actively.

We will support you by offering an intuitive and user-friendly tool and relevant data content. We simply provide great foresight consulting combined with tool support and data content.


Reduce complexity and uncertainty

Foresight is more than just trend management or scenario planning. Through foresight, you can establish a new way of thinking within your company while questioning the status quo and challenge existing mental models. And exactly this new way of thinking will inspire your company to new success. Foresight always describes a holistic approach shaping the future of your company, your employees and your customers, but it also includes the people and the environment that surround you. Foresight prepares us not only of what may come, but it also reduces complexity and uncertainty within your business, already today.  Only those who think in the long-term and act sustainably will also be successful in the future.


Develop the ideas of tomorrow, today

For us, innovation is more than just a trigger for new products, business models or service ideas. Innovation means thinking about the ideas of tomorrow today and to initiate the first steps to implement these ideas within your company. Innovation will only bloom if an innovation-friendly environment has been established, where employees think freely, are encouraged to try new things and most importantly are allowed to make mistakes.  In combination with foresight, this will create a new way of thinking going beyond incremental and making space for disruptive innovation.


Make your business future-proof

Many foresight projects analyze trends and create scenarios, but it is especially important to use those created pictures of the future and the identified trends to develop new agile strategies; strategies that prepare the business for possible futures and how to detect their appearances early enough. Only this approach may guarantee the early discovery of chances and risks and leads to diverse action plans that provide a feasible answer for every possible future. We cannot predict the future through foresight, but we can develop agile strategies and fast adjustments to be prepared for the future’s diversity. 


Lead your employees into the future

Many companies have great managers, however, are they also great leaders of the future? To be successful in the future, it is important to discard old mental models to make space for trust and collaboration. Therefore, we need excellent leadership with high motivation power to steer your business safely into the future. Managers need to appreciate and promote the advantages of foresight. Consequently, we see active leadership for the future as an important factor of our 4strat philosophy.