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What We Offer

To implement the holistic approach of our 4strat philosophy, we offer a broad range of services including consulting, providing a web-based and interactive tool and targeted data content so that you can start your foresight process on an existing set of data.


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Our interactive and web-based tool is intuitive to use and user-friendly to make your future management as simple as possible. The tool is not limited to any existing process, but flexible enough to support your individual foresight process.


You need trends, methods or information to kick-start your foresight process? We provide content through our broad network of scouts and trend researchers or we link existing databases to our tool so that you can start immediately with your own analysis.


We consult in the area of foresight, innovation, strategy and leadership and provide training and coaching for your employees. Together we develop an individual foresight process for your business, to establish foresight within your company in the long-term.