Do you know which future topics will threaten your current business model?

To uncover topics that are relevant to your business in the future, it is important to look outside your normal industry environment. This will ensure a better understanding of where to position your business in the future. Various methods of our method pool help you to identify these trends, new opportunities and risks at the right time.

Do you know your future customers and their specific needs?

To steer your business safely into the future it is also important to monitor social factors and social change. How will we live in the future? Which jobs will we take? Which new problems have arisen where your company may be able to offer the perfect solution?

Do you know if your strategy is agile enough to face the challenges of tomorrow?

We cannot predict the future, not even by applying the best foresight methods. However, we can support you in choosing agile strategies, so you are able to deal with future change. By thinking already today about various versions of the future, you are able to follow the progress of the future in the present and identify changes of direction early.

Do you know how to engage your employees with your vision of the future?

To establish foresight successfully within your company, you need to get your employees on board. As a result, they will accept future change more easily and understand the future positioning of your company. Therefore, we also provide diverse training and coaching for your employees and Managers, from method training to leadership coaching.

Do you know which innovations and technologies will shape the future?

Through our global network of professors, futurists and consultants, we support you to explore and apply global trends and future topics within your company. Use external scouts to add new insights to your business and to support a new way of thinking.

Do you know how your business can actively shape the future?

Together we develop a foresight process customized to your needs, resources and internal structures. With the support of our tool and external data content, you will be able to analyze the future beyond your daily business scope. You will identify new trends, ideas, challenges and risks that will lead to a long-term agile strategy making your company future-proof.

Be Future-Proof

Become a part of our 4strat philosophy

Strategic foresight will help your company shaping the future actively, identifying changes early in the market and developing agile strategies from pictures of the future. Our consulting service combined with our web-based tool are optimally designed to follow a holistic process from environmental scanning up to strategic decision making.