• 4strat Prozessberatung

    Process Consulting

    • We consult and create a new process on the subject foresight, innovation or risk management from the first draft until the final implementation.
    • Have you already been working with future topics in your company? We are questioning your existing process, find gaps and fill them in collaboration with your team.
    • Have you already a process and you are looking for software support? We discuss together how our tool can support your process today and evaluate whether a tool customization is necessary. For us it is important that our tool supports your individual process without prevailing the process itself.
  • Method Consulting

    • We consult your company in over 100 foresight methods, offer training for your employees and provide a database to choose diverse methods for your foresight process.
    • We provide on request our method pool with over 100 foresight methods. It contains amongst a detailed method description, many useful templates and tips for implementation.
    4strat Methodenberatung
  • Strategieberatung

    Strategy Consulting

    • The best foresight process went wrong if you won’t chose targeted future strategies, monitor upcoming changes and derive actions. We support you to keep your strategy future proof or derive new strategies out of new foresight insights.
  • Coaching/Training

    • We offer diverse training on the subject foresight, from first rudiments up to targeted method training and its application.
    • Additionally, we coach your managers on the subject leaders of the future and show them, that it is ok to accept a certain degree of uncertainty and how you are still able to act strategically.
    Coaching / Training
  • 4strat Workshops


    • We lead workshops on the subject foresight and strategy development, invite external experts or set up a virtual workshop, e.g. a real-time delphi.
    • Thinking bigger? We show you how a round-table workshop with other companies and experts can offer you new insights and progressive exchange to any future topic.
  • Networking

    • As a member of global networking associations, we have access to specific knowledge of professors, futurists and consultants and will support your business to establish a best-case application of strategic foresight within your company.
    • Additionally, use our network to benchmark projects with other companies or discuss trends and future topics beyond your usual industry borders.
    4strat Netzwerk