4strat brings the internationally already proven workshop concept The Futures School pioneered by Kedge to Europe.

4strat and Kedge build a Strategic Alliance to combine the advantages of The Futures School with the Foresight Strategy Cockpit, enabling future Foresight practitioners a unique experience of how to combine human skills with technological advantages in the best possible way. The 3-day certificate program offers a unique diversification opportunity for any person in the modern workforce

Shape The Future With The Futures School

  • A practical, hands-on, and project-based certificate program that has been proven effective in 23 countries worldwide
  • Unique tools, tangible models, and reusable templates that allow you to immediately replicate the learnings within your organization
  • Access to the global The Futures School Alumni Network with hundreds of like-minded professionals from a variety of industries
  • One-year access to the Foresight Strategy Cockpit online tool
  • Companies, entrepreneurs, and policy makers around the world have leveraged The Futures School approach to discovering, exploring, mapping, and creating the future.
Futures Thinking has been identified as one of the critical skillsets for the 21st Century and embarking on this training will not only map your own future but enables you to help creating the future of any company.

Workshop Content


Challenge assumptions and old ways of thinking


Challenge assumptions and old ways of thinking. Unlock your futures mindset by learning how to become aware of your biases and seeing the world through other eyes.


Scan the external environment to uncover hidden opportunities


Scan the external environment to uncover hidden opportunities. Use the past to step into the future and uncover new trends and emerging issues.


Develop future scenarios and innovations


Develop future scenarios and innovations. Imagine the future and get inspired by sci-fy movies to creat a vision that leads the way.


Design and execute action plans


Design and execute action plans. Make sense out of the future and take action steps that make your strategy agile and future proof.

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Your Hosts

“Everyone should be a Futurist – in professional and private life”
Frank Spencer, Tanja Schindler & Yvette Montero Silvatico

 – Passionate Futurists –


Explore diverse futures in an inspiring environment on a boat and let your mind float.

c/o Seminarschiff

Westhafen – Osthafen


Networking Event

Discover Berlin and its sightseeing highlights by boat and exchange your futures mind with other participants.

c/o Seminarschiff

Included in the Participation-Fee!


When? - 06th-08th November 2017




9.30am – 5pm

8.30am – 5pm

8.30am – 5pm

How much? - 2450 € (Early Bird) + VAT

Early Bird valid until 31st August 2017

Normal: 2750€ + VAT

Language? - English

Content? - Natural Foresight Framework

Where? - Berlin, Germany

Learn more about Strategic Foresight - Download the Foresight Primer!

About "The Futures School"

Frank Spencer and Yvette Montero Salvatico, both managing directors of Kedge invented the workshop concept and run the school in over 23 countries. They have trained over 500 participants globally and equipped them with new Strategic Foresight skills that can be immediately transferred into the organizations. Together with 4strat The Futures School creates the perfect alignment of applied content and technical support through the Foresight Strategy Cockpit tool. For our first workshop in November Frank and Yvette will guide you through the workshop with support of Tanja.

Click here for more Information www.thefuturesschool.com


Why The Futures School?

  • In Strategic Foresight, practitioners study how to proactively plan and create the future. Traditionally, it is a highly theoretical discipline. The Futures School takes the theory and makes it actionable.
  • In a 3-day certificate program, The Futures School attendees learn a practical Strategic Foresight framework called Natural Foresight™ as well as the use of the software tool the Foresight Strategy Cockpit enabling a new collaborative foresight and scanning experience. They leave with a tangible and replicable process that enables them to act strategically today for a successful tomorrow.

Which Skills Does The Futures School Teach?

  • Questioning own biases and transfer to a futures mindset
  • Integrate The Futures School foresight framework into a company’s strategy
  • Identify emerging trends and weak signals on the horizon of the company’s environment and the relevant industry, helping to prepare for disruptors and act on opportunities before competitors
  • Build “maps of the future” that generate successful strategies, actions, and organizational narratives
  • Immediately replicate the learnings within the company
  • Harness the future to make better decisions today
  • Usage of a collaborative online tool, the Foresight Strategy Cockpit to make environmental scanning and foresight easy and accessible

For Whom Is The Futures School?

Profession Strategist, HR, Market/Competitive Intelligence, Innovation Manager, Designer…
Age Diverse
Market B2B, Consumer
Language English
Region Europe